100W 3D Dynamic Focusing CK Galvo Co2 Laser Marking Machine

Original price was: ৳ 1,180,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 1,150,000.00.

Main Feature

  • 1–400*400mm-600*600mm
  • working area adjustable
  • 2–Reci W4 Laser Tube(rated power 100W,Max power 130W)
  • 3–3D CK Brand CO2 Scanning Head.
  • 4–CK Laser Control System 5–CW-5200 Water Chiller 6–Up-Down device with honeycomb table
  • 7–Compact type cabinet 8–Computer
  • 9–Smoke Exhaust Fan Device
  • 10–24 months warranty, permanent after service

How To Order

01. Call or mail for update price
02. Need to Pay 50% Advance
03. Delivery Time: 8-10 Weeks


4.Technical Parameter
Model TH-C
Working Area 400*400mm-600*600mm working area adjustable
Laser Power Reci W4 Laser Tube(rated power 100W,Max power 130W)
Cooling Type Water Cooling
Marking Speed 0-10000mm/min
Marking Depth 0-1mm
Engraving Line Speed ≤7000mm/s
Beam Quality M2: 1.2-1.8
Marking Format Graphics, text,barcodes,two-dimensional code,automaticallymarking the date,batch number,serial number,freque
Repeatability accuracy ±0.001mm
Controlling Software 3D Laser Software
Graphic Format Support bmp,jpg,gif,tga,png,tif,ai,dxf,dst,plt,etc.
Working Voltage 220V±10%/50Hz/4A
Laser Model Life >100000hours
The Whole Life More than 15 years
Packing size 2410*810*1800mm
Net Weight 200kgs
5. Machine Details

7.Training to Use
1)   We will supply you with the operation and installation manual in English version together with the machine, including introduction for the composing of equipment, working principle, common knowledge of computer, controlling principle of electronic devices, daily maintenance measures. Personal demonstration will be supplied for equipment installing, adjusting, operating and programming of computer, common malfunction eliminating measures, etc.

2)   We will supply you with brochures for simple trouble shootings of the machine which can help you deal with the ecumenic problems happened unexpected. Meanwhile, one set of “Instruction Book”, “Operation Manual” and “Training Video Disk” for machine / software will be also sent to you together with the machine that could be easily understood and kindly handled by you and your customer.

8.Quality Warranty and After Service
1)   The quality warranty period is 24 months which counted from the day that the shipping commodity arrived at the port of destination, excluding the physical damage, (CO2 laser tube for 18months). We will provide you with the fittings for free during the guarantee period. But please kindly noted that all users are kindly required to return us the damaged fittings by courier with your charge before we send back the alternative fitting parts. After warranty period, the fittings which you need repaired or changed should be in charge by you, and there will be reasonable charged.


2)   Since it is difficult for our engineer to maintain the machine by face to face, we will create a plenty of online-supports. That is to say, we will give you technical supports by email, MSN/Skype, camera, video, telephone and fax when user meets some problems on installing, operating, adjusting, maintaining, and so on.


3)  When you meet some problems with installing, using or adjusting, but our online-support can not solve it, we can offer Door to Door service. If you need our engineer(s) to assemble or maintain or adjust the machine in your area, you would like to be required to assist us to deal with the visa formality, traveling expenses prepaid and accommodation arrangement during the business trip and the service period before they dispatched. And please kindly arrange the translating person for the service engineer during their service period. Otherwise, you also can arrange your engineer to come to visit our factory to get a long-term free technical training.


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