Cygnus 6+ PRO Multi-Mode Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

  • Multiple-Echo mode for accurate, through-coat measurements as specified by Classification Societies
  • Echo-Echo and Single-Echo modes for heavily corroded metals with thin (or no) coatings
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Deep Coat function ignores coatings up to 0.8 inch thick
  • Manual and automatic gain control
  • Min/max measurement limit functions with visual and vibrate alert
  • Uses both single and twin crystal transducers
  • One and two point calibration
  • Freeze function
  • Bluetooth™ for data transfer
  • Large front LCD display and an end-mounted LCD display with grayscale setting for bright sunlight
  • Safe operation in explosive atmospheres: Class 1, Division 2, Group D locations only, as defined in NFPA 70, Article 500
  • Water and dust tight IP67 housing
  • Shock and impact proof to US MIL STD 810G.
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BDNDT Now Supply cygnus instruments brands all kinds of product in Bangladesh. Cygnus 6+ UTG is one of the latest update UTG in the world. The Cygnus 6+ UT thickness gage boasts a full suite of features for the demanding professional user, including: A-scan; B-scan; full data recording capability; 3 distinct measuring modes; high temperature transducer and manual gain control.

Measuring Modes Multiple-Echo using 3 echoes to ignore coatings up to 0.8 inch thick
Echo-Echo using 2 echoes to ignore coatings up to 0.04 inch thick
Single-Echo using 1 echo
Materials Velocities from 0.0390 – 0.3543 in/us
Accuracy ±0.002 inch – in Multiple-Echo measurement mode, when calibrated and measuring the same material as calibrated on
±0.004 inch or 0.1% of thickness measurement whichever is the greatest – in Single-Echo & Echo-Echo measurement modes, when calibrated and measuring the same material as calibrated on
Resolution Multiple-Echo mode – 0.005 inch or 0.002 inch
Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes – 0.005 inch or 0.001 inch
Transducer options Single crystal transducers, Twin crystal transducers and High temperature transducer
Measurement Range in Steel 0.031 – 10 inch depending on selected transducer and configuration, material and temperature
Connector 2 x Lemo 00
Power 3 x AA / R6 batteries
Battery Life Approx. 10 hours continuous measurement
Electronics Dual channel pulser
Display Front LCD 2.4 inch QVGA: 47 x 37 mm
End-mounted LCD: 25.58 x 6.38 mm
Size 3.3 x 5.1 x 1.4 inch
Weight 10.5 oz (inc. batteries)
Operating Temp. 14°F to 122°F
Data Logging 5,000 measurements and A-scans per record
Max number records: 100 (soft limit)
Computer Software CygLink allows remote logging and viewing of A-scan graphs
Survey and report generation to PDF file
Graphic analysis of data and statistical calculations
Environmental Rating IP67
Safe operation in Explosive Atmospheres: Class I, Division 2, Group D Locations only, as defined in the National Fire Protection Association Code (NFPA 70), Article 500. Tested using MIL-STD-810G, Method 511.5, Procedure I
MIL STD 810G Method 501.6 (high temp +55°C)
MIL STD 810G Method 502.6 (low temp -20°C)
MIL STD 810G Method 507.6 (humidity 95%)
MIL STD 810G Method 512.6 (immersion 1 metre for 30 mins)
Shock and Impact MIL STD 810G Method 514.7 (vibration)
MIL STD 810G Method 516.7 (shock 20g)
MIL STD 810G Method 516.7 (transit drop 1.22 m)
Standards Designed for EN 15317
Compliance CE, UKCA, RoHS
Warranty 3 years on gage and 6 months on transducer


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