Fujikura FLS-20T Laser Light Source in Bangladesh

The FLS-20T is a rugged and compact designed laser light source, used for optical fiber testing. The wavelength is selectable between 1310nm and 1550nm for single mode fiber with CW, 270kHz, 1kHz and 2kHz.



Standard package
 Item  Model
 Laser Light Source  FLS-20T
 Rubber Protector  FLS-RUB-01
 Connector Head  FLS-SCA-01 SC type
 Carrying Case  FID-CASE-01
 Instruction Manual  IM-20T-E01
 Item  Model
 AC Adapter  FLS-AA1
 AC Power Cord  ACC-xx 08: Japan, 09: USA, 10: UK, 11: EU, 12: Australia
 Connector Head  FLS-FCA-01 FC type
 FLS-STA-01 ST type


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