Proceq Pull-Off Adhesion Tester Price in BD

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Proceq Pull-Off Adhesion Tester
Model: CT-140
Brand: Proceq
Country Of Origin: Switzerland
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Proceq Pull-Off Adhesion Testers produce accurate, repeatable results when testing bond, adhesion, or tensile strength of coatings, overlays, and substrate surfaces. The Testers are fully automated, with one-touch operation after programming and test disc preparation is complete. Feedback-controlled motors provide a constant, verifiable load rate that eliminates operator influence on load measurements. Every test parameter is verifiable and recorded by the included DY-Link software. The compact size of the Testers allows use in spaces with restricted access and easy operation on walls and overhead surfaces. Applications include the bond and strength assessment of concrete repairs and overlays, pull-off and adhesion strength of coatings bonded to concrete, the tensile strength of concrete surfaces, and adhesive strength of asphalt.

Programming is simple and can be performed on a horizontal surface prior to use on walls and overhead. Simply select the units of measure, test disc size, and load rate. To conduct the test, a specialized coring bit is used to cut the substrate material to match the size of the test disc. A standard epoxy-based adhesive adheres to the disc to the surface. The Pull-Off Tester is connected and applies perpendicular force until the test disc is pulled off and the maximum force required is recorded. Total testing time is less than 100 seconds for all applicable standards. Up to 80 tests can be performed on a single battery charge. Internal memory can store up to 100 measurements.

The Pull-Off Testers begin to measure as soon as any load is applied, and the load rate can be viewed in real-time when connected to a PC. The Testers provide a complete record of the pull-off test, confirming that the test was carried out in accordance with the applicable standard. Recorded parameters include the time/date of the test, test disc size, the maximum load applied, calculation of bond strength, applied load rate, test duration time, and failure mode. Failure modes include failure in the coating layer, between the coating layer and substrate, and failure in the substrate.

CT-140: has a maximum pulling force of 3,597lbf (16kN) and is suitable for most pull-off applications.

CT-143: has a maximum pulling force of 5,620lbf (25kN) for high-strength applications, including the tensile strength of concrete renovation and the bond and tensile strength of cementitious repairs and overlays.

The Test Disc required varies according to material and application. The feet on the Pull-Off Testers are configured differently to accommodate the different sizes of Test Discs. Smaller test discs use a tripod configuration, a two-legged arrangement for larger test discs, and the accessory CTA-56 Adapter Plate is needed to accommodate 75mm and 100mm test discs. Proceq Test Discs require an M10 Draw Bolt. The M8 and M12 Draw Bolts are for use with Test Discs not supplied by Proceq.

A comprehensive range of test discs, draw bolts, and an adapter plate are available. Included with both models are a carrying case, battery pack, battery charger with a USB cable, 50mm aluminum test disc, M10 draw bolt, Torx screwdriver, DY-Link software, operating instructions, and calibration certificate.


Covers a wide range of pull-off applications
Fully automated operation and constant load rate removes operator influence
Every test parameter is recorded and verifiable
Easily determine the adhesive strength of mortars and asphalt
Fast determination of the bond strength of coatings, overlays, and repair materials
Quickly evaluate the tensile strength in concrete renovation
Included Items:

Pull-Off Tester (3,597lbf or 5,620lbf)
Carrying case
Battery pack
Battery charger with the USB cable
50mm aluminum test disc
M10 drawbolt
Torx screwdriver
DY-Link Software
Operating instructions
Calibration certificate

Test discs for Pull-Off Testers are available in different sizes and materials to meet applicable test standards
Adapter plate for Pull-Off Testers is used to accommodate large Test Discs
Draw Bolts are available in varying sizes used to affix a Test Disc to a Pull-Off tester

Range CT-140: 0.81 to 8.1MPa (118 to 1,182psi)

CT-143: 1.3 to 12.7MPa (185 to 1,847psi)

Tensile Force CT-140: 60 to 3,597Ibf (1.6 to 16kN) (50mm test disc)

CT-143: 562 to 5,620Ibf (2.5 to 25kN) (50mm test disc)

Stroke 5mm
Pulling Speed CT-140: 0.183in/min (4.65 mm/min)

CT-143: 0.086in/min (2.2 mm/min)

Calibration Accuracy EN ISO 7500-1 Class 1 (±1% from 20% of max. Force)
Memory Capacity 100 measurements
Battery Capacity 500 mAh, 3.7V (min. 80 measurements)
Communication Port(s) USB type A (5V, 500mA)
Product Dimensions 4.3 x 9.4 x 8in (109 x 240 x 205.5mm), WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 10.0lb (4.54kg)

Meets Standard(s):
EN 1542 , EN 1015-12 , EN 1348 , ISO 4624 , ASTM D 4541 , ASTM C 1583 , ASTM D 7234 , ASTM D 7522


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