RE-5C Reference Electrode M.C. Miller Brand Price

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RE-5C Reference Electrode
Brand: M.C. Miller
Model: RE-5C
Origin: USA
Stock: Unavailable.
Delivery Time- 4 to 6 Week
For Buy Call- 01883113100



Similar to Model RE-5 except supplied with a cone-shaped CPT porous plug. For use in soft soils. Provides lower contact resistance. When pushed into soft soils, the shape of the plug helps the electrode to “stand up.”

Approximate overall size: 1-3/8″ dia. X 6 3/4″ long.
Dry weight: 5 oz.

All copper sulfate electrodes are shipped dry but include a charge of high-purity copper sulfate crystals. A protective cap for the CPT porous plug is also supplied.

Copper/copper sulfate reference electrode with rugged ceramic plug having a conical shaped surface. Designed for use in soft soils. High purity copper rod and robust Lexan tube. Electrode has a transparent “window” to view the condition of the saturated copper sulfate solution. The saturated copper sulfate solution is prepared (inside the Lexan tube) by the end user, according to the provided instructions. Supplied with a charge of copper sulfate crystals inside the Lexan tube.

  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Rugged
  • Replaceable CPT porous plug
  • Lexan tube with window
  • Extra heavy top cap
SpecificationLength:          6 3/4 inches
Diamaeter:    1 3/8 inches
Dry Weight:   5 ounces


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