Ultrasonic Testing Couplants Gel

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Ultrasonic Testing Couplants Gel

Gallon: 1 Litter

couplant for ultrasonic testing that enhance sound transmission from the transducer to the test part to produce reliable non-destructive inspection results in flaw detection, thickness gauging, flow metering and acoustic emission testing.


Ultrasonic Testing Couplants Gel

A couplant must effectively wet or totally contact both surfaces of the transducer and the test part.

  1. The couplant must exclude all air from between the surfaces as air is a very poor conductor of sound.
  2. The couplant fills in and smoots out irregularities on the surface of the part.
  3. The couplant aids in the movement of the transducer over the surface in contact testing.
  4. The practical couplant must be easy to apply and easy to remove. It must also be harmless to the part surfaces.


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