Bosny Paint Remover B 228 all Purpose Price in Bangladesh

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BOSNY Paint Remover All Purpose B 228 net wt 800gms available in right now. Paint Remover Ideal For stripping Oil Paints Synthetic Enamels Cellulose Lacquers Varnishes And Stovin Enamels Universal Bosny Paint Remover is a powerful instrument on the basis of gel designed to remove all possible types of paint from painted surfaces quickly and efficiently, the whole process takes only a few minutes.

Product Name: BOSNY Paint Remover
Brand: BOSNY
Manufacturer: R.J London Chemical Ind.
Origin: Thailand
Net Wt.: 800 GMS


It is a type of methylene chloride paint remover. Contains no acidic ingredients sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide
Can peel off various coatings such as Polyurethane paint, Epoxy paint, Oil paint Varnishes, lacquers, industrial spray paints, etc.
Does not damage the surface that peels off the paint
Looks like a clear jelly So it can be conveniently used with an old paint brush.
800gm / 1 Litter

Bosny paint remover adopts special formula and can quickly remove gum
varnish dirt deposits in car and chocker valve.
It can ensure that the key parts of your vehicle always work in good performance.
It is widely used in the spare parts of vehicles, mechanism and all instruments.
Ideal for stripping oil paint, synthetic enamels, cellulose lacquers, vanishes and stove enamels.

Safety Trams

Apply Bosny Paint Remover by brush under well ventilations. Avoid splashing. Allow time for penetration according to age nature and thickness of paint to be removed .After Stripping clean the surface by thoroughly washing with water.

Use Instructions:
1. Make sure surface is clean and free from dust
2.Shake can well before each use
3. Turn spray nozzle toward object and push spray
4. Shake the can before use (approximately 20 – 30 seconds)
5. Spray grease on the area that needs to be lubricated.
1.content with slight vapor pressure, Do not shake can.
2.Open the lid carefully to release pressure while opening the can
3.Vapor and mist harmful . Do not take internally or inhale.
4.Avoid contact with eyes and skin, safely mask while working.
5.After use wash hand and equipment with shop and water. in well ventilation area

Warning: If eye contact occurs, flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. For skin contact. Wash thoroughly with water and soap. if irritation persists , see physician immediately.


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