CDX-III Multifunctional Magnetic Particle Detector NDT Price in BD

Original price was: ৳ 130,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 125,000.00.

CDX – III magnetic powder flaw detector is my company to absorb the advantages of similar products at home and abroad to design and manufacture a new type of magnetic particle detection device. Plus the magnetization of the magnetic field method, the instrument has the advantages of small volume, light weight. High integrated circuit to make A device with the original several equipment all of the features, the instrument can match A, D, E, O four probe.


technical performance
1, power supply: AC 220 v + 10% for 50 hz 5A
2, output: AC 36 v * 2 15 A , optional A, D, E, O four probe
, high speed: 3 or 6 m/min
4, probe: temperature 60C or less
5, work rhythm: it is recommended that in long time continuous work:
The magnetization time for 3 seconds or less, clearance time for 5 seconds or more
6, instrument weight: 7.0 Kg
Three, operation and maintenance
Please read this manual before using the instrument, the understanding of the instrument structure and technical performance, check whether the power and the instrument requirement, the connection is correct, correct rear can put through power supply, for the first time use or for a long time before reuse, should check whether the instrument is in good condition.
1. The operation steps
(1) plug the power supply line and the instrument power socket connected and the probe and output socket connection is good.
(2) through to instrument the power switch, the power indicator lights, instrument control circuit connected at the same time, the servo to work.
(3) to probe and contact workpiece tested well, according to the test on the switch, then the workpiece in magnetization state apparatus, work lights.Loosen the switch, then cut off the main circuit power supply, workpiece stop magnetization.
(4) to stop using, turn off the instrument power switch, cut off power supply.
2. The troubleshooting
(1) power on without instructions, no work, fusing, caused by short circuit or overload.
(2) press the switch, sensor work, no work instructions, light damage caused due to work.
(3) working indicator, the magnetization, the probe is not main circuit and control circuit is defective.
(4) connected to the power supply, not according to the magnetization, the magnetization switch the control circuit or bidirectional thyristor.
Fourth, matters needing attention
(1) the instrument work rhythm: it is recommended that in long time continuous work:
Between the magnetization time for 3 seconds, or less time to 5 seconds or more.
(2) before the use should check whether the power supply voltage conform to the requirements of the instrument, such as too high or too low might damage the apparatus or affect testing result.
(3) when using the probe end should contact with good workpiece tested, the magnetization switch, then press the magnetizing effect is best.
(4) although the instrument has good light over-current protection circuit, but when use, should try to avoid light work, in order to reduce unnecessary temperature rise.
(5) the instrument can work continuously, if discover some serious fever or stop using, to find out the reason before use.
(6) instruments and accessories shall be in a clean, dry, non-corrosive environment used or stored.
(7) to repair itself, please pay attention to machine high danger.
Magnetization work (8) press the switch, the switch power supply.
(9) instrument shell must be reliable grounding.
(10) such as circuit fault occurring beyond repair, please send the instrument back to our service center.


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