Checkline MTG Material Thickness Gauge For Textiles, Non-Wovens, Fabrics & Soft Materials in bangladesh


    • Includes NIST traceable calibration certification for Digital Indicator and Granite Base
    • Includes wireless feature. (Can be disabled at the factory upon request.)
    • User-selected units of inch or mm providing resolution of 0.0001″ (0.002 mm)
    • Hi-Lo Setpoints indicate if sample is within tolerance
    • Custom diameter feet and weights can be supplied to apply the correct pressure (kPa) for your application
    • Optional “swivel” connectors insures optimal alignment with test sample for the highest possible accuracy & repeatability
    • Digital Indicator is battery-powered and Auto Power Off functions.
    • USB Data Output Cable Optionally Available
    • Made and assembled in the USA with 1-Year Warranty
    • Optional Air Dampening feature allows for a repeatable, controlled rate of descent on to sample


Measuring Range 0-1 inch (0-25 mm), Custom ranges up to 4 inches / 100mm available, inquire
Resolution 0.0001″ (0.002 mm)
Accuracy +/- 0.0002″ (0.004 mm)
Repeatability 0.0000012″
Presser Foot Material 303 Stainless Steel
Base Material Labratory Grade Granite
Power CR2450 Lithium Coin Battery or Power Over USB with Optional Cable
Battery Chemistry Lithium / Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2)
RS232 Output 9600 baud, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit (requires external power)
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin USA
Spindle Thread #4-48 UNF
ASTM D1813 For Testing the Thickness of Leather Samples
Dial Graduation: 0.01 mm, Footer Diameter: 10 mm (± 0.5mm) and Mass: 393 grams (± 10 g)
Tolerance Weight: +/- 0.5 grams
Foot Diameter: +/- .005″
Maximum Mass 1000 grams (1 Kg), max can be added to create desired test pressure
System Pressure MTG-DX, without Dampener: 20g ±3g (without Weight or Footer).
This weight must be included when calculating test pressure
MTG, with Dampener: This model is NOT recommended when testing requires specific test pressure
Test Pressure MTG-DX = 1.121 kPa
MTG-DX2 = 2.737 kPa
MTG = 1.121 kPa, approx. (due to dampener)


Product Description

Material Thickness Gauge
Conveniently performs thickness measurement on rubber, fabrics, foams, tapes/films and a wide assortment of other soft materials
Range: 0-1 inch (0-25 mm)

Range: 1″ / 25mm – (Extend Range Using Gauge Blocks)
Resolution: 0.0001″ / 0.002mm

The MTG Material Thickness Gauge For Textiles, Non-Wovens, Fabrics & Soft Materials accurately measures thickness of textiles, non-wovens, technical fabrics and many other materials. Using specific diameter presser foot (feeler) and mass (weight) it can measure according to ASTM D1777, ISO 5084, D1621, D5199, D461, D751-06, D3652, ISO 9863-1, ISO 964-1 (2 kPa only) and many other international testing standards.

The MTG-DX2 System is supplied with a 9.5 mm diameter presser foot and 143 g mass. This configuration is designed to measure according to the ASTM D1777-2 and D751-06 specifications. Optional presser foot diameters and related weights are available and custom sizes can be supplied to accommodate your specifications. Refer to the details below.

The certified digital indicator includes 3 SPC data output formats, English or Metric display, auto power-off, and a left-hand lifting lever. The indicator is fitted on an 8 inch (200 mm) tall column to allow the indicator to be raised or lowered to accommodate different size test specimens. The 6″x6″x 2″ (150 x 160 x 50 mm) laboratory grade certified granite base offers a smooth and extremely hard reference plane for precise and repeatable measurements.

For those requiring data output for recording and quality documentation purposes, a serial output cable and windows-based software program is optionally available.

Custom Weights and Footers can be made to meet a wide range of specifications. Contact us for more info.



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