Diesella DC-2000C Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge measuring range 0.65-400 mm

Barcode: 5708004018315
Resolution: 0,01 mm
Battery: 2 x AAA
Display type: Digital
Measuring range :0,65-400 mm
Accuracy: ±0,3%
Gross weight: 1.600 kg
Net weight :1.400 kg


Product description

Compact and user-friendly ultrasonic thickness gauge for measuring a wall thickness on a wide range of materials. Automatically identifies probe and automatically resets probe at startup. The measuring range ranges from 0.65 mm up to 400 mm depending on the material and probe selection.

The wall thickness can be displayed with a resolution of 0.01 mm / 0.001 ”or 0.1 mm / 0.01”. Model 15 081 425 has a large backlit multi LCD display that shows measured value, battery status, probe selection, sound speed and storage / memory space.

The speed of sound can be selected at 9 preselected values (9 standard materials), or can be selected manually in relation to the specific measuring task.


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