Digital Surface Roughness Tester Price in BD

Original price was: ৳ 42,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 40,000.00.

This tester has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, wide measurement range, simple operation, easy to carry, stable operation, etc.,
It can be widely used in the industries of shot blasting, sandblasting, printing, spraying anticorrosion, and mechanical processing, including the detections of flat surface, inclined surface,cylindrical surface small holes, grooves, axles and other metal and non-metal flat and uneven surfaces.
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BDNDT Provide all kinds of Digital Surface Roughness Tester in Bangladesh

1.Buttons:on/off ,,data hold,max/min

2.Operating temperature :-10-40°C

3.Humidity:≤80% RH

4.Battery :3.7V lithium battery(Rechargeable battery),Charging /communication interface :USB Type-C

5.Directly measure the maximum,minimum value and range

6.Analog pointer

7.Absolute measurements

8.Data output

Button Function(how to use )
①On/off key :Press this button to start or shut down the machine
②MM/IN key:short press to convert metric to inch units,long press to change the direction of measurements
③Hold key:short press for data retention,long press to set the current analog pointer to zero
④ZERO/MAX/MIN key:short press to set the LCD data to Zero ,long press to start or exit the maximum value ,mininum value ,range measurement etc.
Technical Parameters
Model number:GS5337
Measuring range :0-6.5mm/0-6500um
Power supply mode:3.7V lithium battery
Charging/communication interface :USB Type-C,RS232 Interface signal
Waterproof :IP54


1. Press ON/OFF key to start up.

2. Put the tester on a flat place, such as glass plate, and press ZERO/MAX/MIN key to clear to zero.

3. After zero cleaning, it can be used to measure the surface to be measured.

Packing List With Accessories
  • main unit*1
  • Glass standard block*1
  • Charging kit*1
  • PC data cable *1 CD*1
  • Carrying Case*1
  • Operation Manual*1


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