Doppler Anyscan 30 Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


* Leading technical target, abundant applied assistant function* Intelligible setting of keys and menu, easy to operate
* 400 MHz real-time hardware sampling, high-fidelity echo pulse
* Broadband and amplifying circuit with low noise, selectable damping, excellent matching with low or high frequency probe
*Excellent EMI design,good EMC performance
* 5.7〞high resolution color LCD display


*Horizontal Linearity Error ≤0.1%

*Vertical Linearity Error≤3%
*Surplus Sensitivity ≥62dB
*Dynamic Range≥40dB
*Electronic Noise Level≤20%
*Far-field Resolution≥30dB



Anyscan-30 Portable Flaw Detector
Digital ultrasonic flaw detector Anyscan-30 is a portable industrial non-destructive flaw detector, which can quickly and easily,without damage, accurate to a variety of work piece defects (cracks, inclusions, cavity, etc) of the detection,location,
assessment and diagnosis. Both can be used in laboratories and project site.It is widely operated in the field of flaw detection and quality control, such as manufacturing industry, metallurgy of iron steel , metal processing industry, chemical lines , as well as operated in in-service safe inspection and life appraisal,such as aerospace, railway transportation, boiler and pressure vessel safety check in service and life assessment.
Origin: Mainland China
Certification: CE
Warranty: 1 years
Customized support: OEM, ODM
Brand Name: Doppler
Model Number: Anyscan 30
Power: Electronic
Surplus sensitivity: ≥62dB
Menu language: English/Chinese
Far field resolution: ≥30dB
Weight: 1.4KG,including battery


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