Duoyi DY4100 Digital Earth Ground Resistance Tester in BD

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Product Feature :
1. Measuring range of earth resistance: 0-2000Ω. 0/20/200/2000 ohm ±(2%+3)with 0.01 ohm
2. Measuring range of earth voltage: 0-30V(3%+5)
3.LED green light indicates normal operating mode.
4.31/2 digit LCD display for more direct and convenient reading.
5. Low Battery Warning:
on LCD indicates deficiency of 12V battery.
LED red lighting off indicates deficiency of 1.5V battery.
6. Fast Response:
measure earth resistance, about 5 seconds. Measure earth voltage, about 2 seconds.
7.Withstand voltage: AC 500V, 1 minute between circuit and outer casing.
8. Overload protection:
on earth voltage, can withstand 300V AC 1 minute .
on earth resistance, can withstand 200V AC 10 seconds .
9. Power supply,six 1.5V AA batteries ,one 12V battery 23A.(not include)
10.Data Hold:yes
11.Working LED Indicator:yes
12.Function Symbol Display:yes



  1. Earth Ground Resistance:0/20/200/2000Ω ±(2%+3)
  2. Resolution:0.01Ω
  3. Earth Voltage:0~30V ±(3%+5)
  4. Data Hold:yes
  5. Working LED Indicator:yes
  6. Function Symbol Display:yes
  7. Low Battery Warning:yes
  8. Product Size:150×100×70mm.
  9. Weight: about 680g NOT including battery
  10. Power:AA1.5Vx6(UM3) (not include battery)
  11. Working environment:
    Working temperature:0°C-40°C relative humidity < 80%
    Storage temperature: – 10°C-50°C relative humidity < 85%
    Ensured accurate temperature:23°C±5°C
    relative humidity < 80%


Earth resistance measurement

Accurate measurement (with the equipped test leads) to puncture the P and C grounding pins to the depth of the ground. They are arranged in a straight line with the grounding equipment and are spaced 5 to 10 meters apart. (Note: Make sure the grounding pins are inserted in the wet soil. If the soil of the grounding nail is dry, it is necessary to add water or stone or the sand to be wet and test)

Grounding resistance test requirements:

a. AC working ground, the grounding resistance should not exceed 4Ω,

b, safe working ground, the grounding resistance should not be greater than 4Ω,

c. DC working grounding, grounding resistance should be determined according to the specific requirements of the computer system;

d, the grounding resistance of the lightning protection ground should not exceed 100Ω;

e. For jointed grounding of shielded systems, the grounding resistance should not be greater than 10 Ω.

Ground voltage measurement

Please turn the dial switch to the grounding voltage “EV” file and connect the test line according to the grounding voltage test chart. The ground voltage will be automatically displayed. Please make sure that the ground voltage is ≤10V. If the local voltage is >10V, the grounding resistance measurement value may cause an error. At this point, the relevant electrical equipment can be powered off to reduce the ground voltage before measuring.

1. auxiliary earth bar*2
2).testing wire

(red 1 5-meter testing wire*1 /

yellow 10-meter testing wire*1  /

  green 5-meter testing wire*1)
3. simple testing wire

(red 1.6-meter testing wire*1  /

green 1.6-meter testing wire*1)
4. instruction manual*1
5. tool bag*1


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