Elcometer 270 Pinhole Detector Price in BD

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Mirpur 12, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Product Description

The Elcometer 270 range utilizes the wet sponge technique and has been designed to set a new standard for wet sponge pinhole detectors – a high quality, low voltage detector with similar accessories to a high voltage spark tester.

Voltage: 9V, 67.5V & 90V

  • Supplied ready to use
  • Automatic sensitivity calibration and voltage checks
  • Low battery indicator
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Integral and separate wand functionality
  • A wide range of fully interchangeable wand accessories
  • Easy release snag proof cables
  • Large standard sponge
  • An inspection kit for all your requirements is available

Model Elcometer 270/3 Pinhole Detector Elcometer 270/4 Pinhole Detector
Part Number D270—-3 D270—-4
Voltage 9V and 90V 9V, 67.5V and 90V
Maximum Measurement Range 500µm (20mils) 500µm (20mils)
Sensitivity 9V: 90kΩ ±5%
90V: 400kΩ ±5%
9V: 90kΩ ±5%
67.5V: 125kΩ ±5%
90V: 400kΩ ±5%
Battery Life (continuous use) 9V: up to 200 hours
90V: up to 80 hours
9V: up to 200 hours
67.5V: up to 100 hours
90V: up to 80 hours
Battery Type 3 x AA (LR1600) 1.5V alkaline
(NiMH rechargeable batteries can also be used, battery life will be reduced by up to 75%)
Accuracy of Setting ±5%
Dimensions Without Wand – 210 x 42 x 37mm (8.3 x 1.7 x 1.5″)
Standard Wand – 175mm (6.9″) long (including sponge)
Flat Sponge 175mm – (6.9″) long (including sponge)
Weight 610g (21oz) including wand, cable and batteries
Certificate available Certificate of Calibration: issued for Fixed Calibration equipment and shows readings and traceability
Packing List Pinhole Detector, standard wand and flat sponge, 4m (13 2″) return lead with crocodile clip, 3 x LR1600 (AA) batteries and operating instructions

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