High Voltage Holiday Detector Price

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KODIN-6DJ holiday detector is a new intelligent pulse high voltage instrument,adopt high antiinterference intelligent chip,High anti-interference LCD screen and brand-new digital control
circuit,Make the instrument high voltage output more accurate + (0.1KV+3% readings),the operation
is more intelligent and humane.
KODIN-6DJ holiday detector is a special instrument for detecting the quality of metal anticorrosive
coating.This instrument can be used for different thickness of glass, glass fiber reinforced plastics, epoxy coal tar and rubber lining coating, carry out quality inspection.


Main features:
1. 0.5KV~30KV Full range high voltage generator;
2. Accurate and steady measuring voltage is acquired by software intelligent control,ensure that the
display voltage is the test voltage,voltage accuracy: ±(0.1KV+3% reading) ;
3. Suitable measuring voltages can be automatically output based on the material and thickness of the
4. High pressure safety switch : High voltage start with bright LED alarm prompt and icon display on
screen,protects users from spark damage;
5. When pore is detected,in addition to edm,the instrument will also send out audible and visual alarm
signals,and accurately record the needle hole number(maximum 999) ;
6. You can set the limit of the number of pinholes,exceed the pinhole limit value, the instrument alarm
7. 128*64 LCD display,display measuring voltage,pinhole number,battery indicator,menu and other
instruments, data, information;
8. New modern sense of design,industrial dustproof waterproof sealing casing;
9. Large capacity 4000mA lithium battery ensures long working hours;
10.Humanized full touch panel, automatic backlight button;
11. Pulsed discharge,small discharge current,stop twice damage to anticorrosive coating,save power and
prolong working hours,it can also be alleviated because of improper operation causes electrical shock to
the human body.

Main technical performance:
1. Applicable test thickness: 0.05~10mm(Also available according to user needs to detect corrosion
protection layer of more than 10mm instruments)
2. Output high voltage: 0.5KV~30KV
3. Set voltage accuracy: ±(0.1KV+3%readings)
4. Display resolution : 0.1KV
5. Battery: 12V、 4000mA lithium cell
6. Consumed power: ≤6W Short-circuit current: 0.1mA
7. Main Unit Dimension: 240 × 170 × 90 mm3
8. Alarm: earphone, peak buzzer, double alarm, light alarm


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