Peak ESR70 Atlas ESR Gold Equivalent Series Resistance Meter

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New Gold Features:
Improved LCD with better backlight.
10x faster capacitance measurement for large capacitors.
Enhanced user options system.
New triple-slope measurement system to vastly reduce the influence of parallel resistance and/or leakage current on capacitance measurements.
Much wider capacitance measurement range now 0.3uF to 90,000uF (was 1uF to 22,000uF).

Specification Summary:
Uses a single AAA Alkaline cell (included).
Alphanumeric LCD with backlight.
Automatic analysis-start when you apply the probes.
Automatic capacitor discharge using controlled discharge function.
ESR (and low DC resistance) measurement (even in-circuit).
Capacitance measurement (if testing out-of-circuit).
Audible alerts for various ESR levels.
Extended ESR measurement range up to 40 Ohms.
Optional probe alternatives easily fitted.


The Peak Atlas ESR Gold is an enhanced version of the previous Peak Atlas ESR Plus. It provides instant measurement of a capacitor’s ESR and its capacitance value. Using the supplied gold plated probes (removable), the Atlas ESR Gold can measure ESR down to a resolution of 0.01 ohms, up to 40 ohms. It can even measure ESR for capacitors that are in-circuit. Probes are removable, allowing 2mm compatible probes to be fitted. Audible alerts are produced for various ESR levels allowing you to perform many tests in succession without having to look at the display.

Technical Specifications

ESR range: 0.00 Ohms to 40.0 Ohms
ESR accuracy: ±2% (typical)
ESR resolution (ESR<2 Ohms): 0.01 Ohms to 0.02 Ohms
ESR resolution (ESR>2 Ohms): 0.1 Ohms to 0.2 Ohms
Capacitance range: 0.3uF to 90,000uF
ESR test frequency: 50-100kHz ±4%
ESR test voltage (into 40 Ohms): 40mV (typical)
Operating temperature range: 15°C to 35°C (60°F to 95°F)
Battery type: AAA Alkaline (1.5V) Supplied
Auto-off period: 1 minute (typical)

ESR70 – Equivalent Series Resistance Meter.
Extra-long and extra-flexible test cables (450mm of Silicone covered cable).
2mm plugs and sockets with removeable gold plated crocodile clips.
Comprehensive illustrated user guide.
AAA Alkaline cell.


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