Tektronix THS3000 Handheld Oscilloscope

Key performance specifications

  • 100 MHz or 200 MHz bandwidth models
  • Maximum sample rates up to 5 GS/s and 200 ps resolution 4 fully isolated and floating channels
  • 600 Vrms CAT III, 1000 Vrms CAT II rated inputs (BNC to earth ground)

Key features

  • 21 automatic measurements
  • Waveform math and FFT spectral analysis
  • Volts, time, frequency, watts cursor measurements Measurement data logging with TrendPlot™
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All specifications are guaranteed unless noted otherwise. All specifications apply to all models unless noted otherwise.

Model overview

THS3014 THS3024
Isolated input channels 4 4
Analog bandwidth (-3 dB) 100 MHz 200 MHz
Rise time 3.5 ns 1.7 ns
Hardware bandwidth limits 20 kHz, 20 MHz, or full
Float voltage 1000 VRMS CAT II / 600 VRMS CAT III from BNC shell to earth ground
Maximum sample rate 2.5 GS/s (1.25 GS/s 4-ch) 5 GS/s (1.25 GS/s 4-ch)
Maximum record length (all channels) 10,000 points (30,000 points in roll mode (4 ms to 2 min/div))


Vertical system

Input coupling                                    AC, DC

Input impedance                                  1 MΩ ±1%, 14 pF ±2 pF

Input sensitivity range                           2 mV/div to 100 v/div

Vertical resolution                                8 bits

DC gain accuracy                                 ±2.1% of reading + 0.04 × range/div for 5 mV/div to 100 V/div

Max BNC input voltage                          (1 MΩ) 300 Vrms CAT III from BNC signal to BNC shell


Max probe voltage (with standard THP0301-X probe)

300 Vrms CAT III from 10:1 probe tip signal to BNC and reference lead

Trace positioning                                 ±4 divisions


Horizontal system

Time base range (s/div)

THS3014                                     2 ns to 4 s

THS3024                                     1 ns to 4 s

Delay time range                                  1 full screen (12 divisions) of pre-trigger or up to 100 screens (1,200 divisions) of post-trigger

Timing accuracy                                   ±100 ppm + 0.04 div

Zoom                                               Horizontally expand or compress a live or stopped waveform


Trigger system

Input source                                       Oscilloscope channels 1, 2, 3, or 4. All input references isolated from each other and earth ground

Main trigger modes                              Auto-level, Auto, Normal, and Single

Trigger coupling                                  DC, HF reject, Noise reject (reduces sensitivity)


Trigger sensitivity, internal DC coupled

0.5 divisions from DC to 5 MHz at >5 mV/div

THS3024                                     1 division >5 MHz to 200 MHz

THS3014                                     1 division >5 MHz to 100 MHz

Trigger level range

Any channel                                 ±4.0 divisions

Trigger modes

Edge                                          Positive, negative, or dual slope on any input channel. Coupling includes DC, HF reject, and Noise reject

Pulse width                                 Trigger on channel 1, width of positive or negative pulses (glitches) that are >, <, =, or ≠ a specified period of time (resolution of

0.01 div with minimum time of 50 ns)

Event                                         Trigger on n-th occurrence of trigger (N selectable from 2 to 99)

Video                                         Trigger on channel 1, line number, all lines, odd, even, or all fields on NTSC, PAL, PAL plus, and SECAM signals

Non-interlaced                              Trigger on channel 1, high-res non-interlaced video with line frequencies from 14 kHz to 65 kHz


Acquisition modes

Sample (default)                                  Acquire sampled values

Glitch detect                                       Captures high frequency or glitches as narrow as 8 ns from 5 μs to 120 s/div

Averaging                                          Selectable from 2, 4, 8, or 64 waveforms

Roll                                                 Scrolls waveforms right to left across the screen at sweep speeds slower than or equal to 4 ms/div

Data recorder                                      Automatic data logging of 100 triggered records (screens) with date and time stamp. store internally or to a USB device

Waveform compare                              Visually compare against user-definable reference waveforms or perform automatic pass or fail testing of 1 to 4 oscilloscope channels with data logging of test results


Automatic setup

Autoset                                            Single-button, automatic setup of all channels for vertical, horizontal, and trigger systems

Autorange                                         Continuous auto-setup of vertical, horizontal, and trigger systems that track signal changes


Waveform measurements

Cursors                                             Time, freq (1/T), volts, watts, Rise/Fall time from any input channel or math waveform

Automatic measurements                       21. Up to 4 can be displayed on-screen at any one time. Measurements include:

V DC, V ACRMS, V AC+DC, VPeak Max, VPeak Min, Peak to Peak, A DC, A AC, A AC+DC, Frequency, Rise time (using cursors), Fall time (using cursors), Phase (between any 2 inputs), Positive pulse width, Negative pulse width, Positive duty cycle, Negative duty cycle, dBV, dBm into 50 Ω and 600 Ω

TrendPlot™                                        Records and graphically displays any 4 automatic measurements. store internally or to USB flash drive for recall and analysis


Waveform math

Arithmetic                                          Add, subtract, and multiply waveforms

FFT                                                  Spectral magnitude. Set FFT vertical scale to Linear or Logarithmic, and FFT window to Automatic, Hamming, Hanning, or None


Display system

Display type                                       6 in. (153 mm) liquid-crystal color display

Display resolution                                320 horizontal × 240 vertical pixels

Waveform style                                   Vectors (dot-join), Dots, Envelope, Variable persistence, Infinite persistence

Display format                                    YT and XY


Storage memory

Reference                                          4 user-definable reference traces

Waveform                                          Stores 30 internal oscilloscope records (4 traces each) with screen image and corresponding setup

Recording                                          Store 10 internal recordings that can be a 100-screen replay sequence, a roll-mode recording, or a TrendPlot™ measurement recording

Screen image                                      Store up to 9 internally or 256 .bmp images to an external USB storage drive 2

Real-time clock                                    Time and date stamp of all stored data


Input/Output ports

USB host port                                    Supports USB mass storage devices

USB device port                                  Mini USB-B connector allows for communication/control of oscilloscope

Probe compensator output                     Side-panel output

Amplitude                                   1.225 Vp-p

Frequency                                   500 Hz

Kensington-style lock   Side-panel security slot connects to standard Kensington-style lock

2   Maximum USB memory size supported is 2 GB




OpenChoice® Desktop   Enables fast and easy communication between a Windows PC and the THS3000 Series. Transfer and save settings, waveforms, and screen images.


Power source

Battery                                             7 hour, 10.8 V rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Battery charging time                            5 hours

Line power                                        AC power adapter/charger

Power source voltage                            100 V to 240 V AC ±10%

Power source frequency                        50 Hz to 60 Hz


Physical characteristics


Height                                        265 mm (10.5 in.)

Width                                        190 mm (7.5 in.)

Depth                                        70 mm (2.8 in.)


Net                                            2.2 kg (4.8 lb.)

Shipping (base model)                    4.7 kg (10.4 lb.)

Shipping (TK model)                      7.8 kg (17.1 lb.)



Enclosure                                          IP 41 according to IEC60529S


Operating                                    0 °C to +45 °C (with battery) 0 °C to +50 °C (without battery)

Nonoperating                               –20 °C to +60 °C


Operating                                    0 °C to 10 °C, noncondensing

10 °C to 30 °C, up to 95% relative humidity 30 °C to 40 °C, up to 75% relative humidity 40 °C to 50 °C, up to 45% relative humidity

Nonoperating                               –20 °C to 60 °C, relative humidity, noncondensing


Operating                                    Up to 3,000 m (9,843 ft.)

Nonoperating                               Up to 12,000 m (39,370 ft.)



Operating                                    Vibration (Sinusoidal): 3 g max, according to MIL-PRF-28800F, class 2 Shock: 30 g max, according to MIL-PRF-28800F, class 2

Nonoperating                               Vibration (Random): 0.03 g2/Hz, according to MIL-PRF-28800F, class 2


Electromagnetic compatibility  EN 61326-1:2006, EN 61326-2-1:2006 for emission and immunity

Safety                                        UL61010-1:2004; CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010.1-04; EN61010-1:2001, Pollution degree 2; ANSI/ISA-82.02.01

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Tektronix THS3000 Handheld Oscilloscope Datasheet



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