Smart Sensor AS8800L Combustible Gas Leak Detector Price in BD

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AS8800L Combustible Gas Leak Detector
Model : AS8800L
Stock : In Stock
Origin : China
Accessories :Available
Brand : Smart Sensor
Product : Available


A gas detector is a device that detects the presence of gases in an area, often as part of a safety system. . A gas detector can sound an alarm to operators in the area where the leak is occurring, giving them the opportunity to leave.


 Gas Type  Combustible Gas
 Measuring Principle  Semiconductor
 Sensitivity  Variable, minimum 5ppm (gasoline)
 Response Time  Instantaneous
 Warm up time  <20 sec
 Continuous Operation Time  9 hours (slightly vary with working condition)
 Sensitivity Adjustment  yes
 Sensitivity Adjustment  yes

Overcharge / Overcurrent Protection

 Battery Indication Power Indication  yes
 Battery Indication  yes
 Leak Size Indication  Indication Light & Alarm Buzzer
 Operation Condition  0°C~ 50°C ; ≤80%RH (Non Gel)
 Power  3*1.5V AA batteries (not include)
 Product Weight & Size  220g , 156*66*31mm
 Packing  Blister
 Standard Q’ty per carton  40
 Standard Carton Size  34 x 29.5 x 50cm
Standard Carton Gross Weight  11.2KGS
 Package contents

Features & Diagram description:



3.1 Adjustable sensitivity

3.2 Auto fast warm-up
3.3 Alarm indication
3.4 Low battery indication
3.5 Leak size indication (Audio and Visible)
3.6 Instant response and pinpoint leak position

AS8800L-1  Diagram and description:
① ON/OFF switch
② Power indicator
③ Leak size indicator
④ Speaker
⑤ Sensitivity adjust knob
⑥ Battery compartment
⑦ Flex probe
⑧ Probe knob


Operation instruction:





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