Steinfurth NICO Non-Destructive CO2 Tester

Steinfurth NICO Non-Destructive CO2 measurement

Applications:Beverage Testing
Industries:Beverage, Flexible Packaging, Food, Metal Packaging, Pharmaceutical
Materials:Glass, Liquids, Metals, Plastics and Polymers


Both taste and shelf life are influenced by the amount of dissolved CO2 gas in beverages. A reliable measurement method is the key to accurate and diagnostically conclusive monitoring of the in-pack CO2 content. NICO uses a unique laser-based measuring technology developed and patented by Steinfurth. The instrument operates independently of packaging related parameters and headspace diameter. A global first, NICO is the only non-invasive handheld CO2 analysis solution on the market.


Range:  0-10 vol / 0-20g/

Accuracy:  2%

Repeatability:  1.2%

Pressure Range:  14-87 PSI

Accuracy:  1.5%

Repeatability:  0.5%

Temperature:  5 – 35 °C

Accuracy/Repeatability:  0.25%

Measuring time:  15 s

Dimensions:  160 x 220 x 110 (H x W x D)

Weight:  1200g (with battery)

Laser class:  1M


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