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Fluke PTi120 9 Hz Pocket Thermal Imager, 120 x 90

Thermal Camera

Fluke Ti480 PRO 60Hz Infrared Camera, 640 x 480

Fluke Ti480 PRO 60Hz Infrared Camera,
Fluke TiS20+ Thermal Imager, -4 to 302°F

Fluke TiS55+ Thermal Imager, 256 x 192

Fluke Ti480 PRO 60Hz Infrared Camera,
Fluke TiS75+ Thermal Imager, 384 x 288

Fluke Ti480 PRO 60Hz Infrared Camera,




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Rugged and weatherproof, this thermal imager provides easy troubleshooting and quickly scans the temperature of electrical equipment, machinery, and other assets. With an infrared resolution of 120 x 90, WI-FI connectivity, and a temperature range of -4 to 752°F (-20 to 400°C), this thermal imager can also survive a one-meter drop.


Small enough to carry in your pocket, this thermal camera provides enhanced infrared inspections and features a 3.5″ (88 mm) LCD touchscreen. Blend a visible light image with an infrared image with IR-Fusion™ for easy troubleshooting. Simply slide your finger across the screen to adjust the setting.


    • Continuous touchscreen IR-Fusion™, slide your finger across the screen to adjust the setting
    • Automatically organize and file thermal images with Fluke Connect™ Asset Tagging
    • Fully radiometric thermal imager with 120 x 90 infrared resolution (10,800 pixels)
    • 3.5″ (88 mm) LCD touchscreen display for easy troubleshooting
    • Can withstand drop up to 1 meter
    • Water and dust resistant


  • IP54 enclosure rating
  • -4 to 752°F (-20 to 400°C) temperature measurement range
  • Six color palettes
  • Can withstand drop up to 1 m
  • IP 54 enclosure rating

Rugged, portable camera for industrial inspection

  • Small enough to carry every day without worry
  • Stands up to dirt and water
  • Quick scans of electrical equipment, machinery and other assets
  • Can survive a 1-meter drop


  • The 3.5″ (88 mm) LCD touchscreen offers IR-Fusion to blend a visible light image with an infrared image to more easily locate problems
  • Adjust the setting with a swipe of your finger

Fluke Connect

  • Eliminate hours at the computer organizing your thermal images, let Asset Tagging do all that work for you
  • Just scan a QR code on your asset, capture your thermal images and they are automatically sorted
  • No more dragging and dropping or renaming files in the office
  • Start spending your time analyzing your images and creating reports instead of sorting your files one at a time


  • Electrical inspections
  • HVAC/R inspections
  • Mechanical
  • Residential home inspections
  • Light commercial maintenance
  • Building diagnostics – building envelope and commercial/industrial facilities

The importance of image quality in thermography

When conducting infrared inspections, high-quality images that allow for better analysis, presentation, and professionalism are essential.

With a sharply focused image, there is a distinct contrast between areas of varying thermal energy on the surface being inspected. This allows the individual detector elements (also known as pixels) to clearly report the intensity of the energy being focused on them.

When the focus is poor, the incoming energy isn’t as concentrated on individual detectors, and their response is skewed. This can lead to temperature measurements that are significantly off, resulting in expensive downtime and possible safety hazards.

Thermal imagers are made with 100% diamond-turned germanium lenses covered with a specialty coating, providing premium quality images.

Key Features
Infrared Resolution 120 x 90 (10,800 pixels)
IFOV (Spatial Resolution) 7.6 mRad
Field of View 50 x 38°
Minimum Focus Distance 29″ (50 cm)
Focus System Fixed focus
Data transfer Mini USB used to transfer image to PC
Wireless Connectivity Yes, (802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz))
Image Quality
IR-Fusion Technology AutoBlend continuous 0 to 100%
Adds the context of the visible details to your infrared image
Display 3.5″ (8.89 cm) LCD touchscreen (landscape)
Resolution: 320 x 240
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) 60 mK
Frame Rate 9 Hz


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