EDS5000 Electric Gold Purity Testing Machine in Bangladesh

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In the field of precious metal detection, traditional analysis methods such as litmus test method, cupellation, fire assay method belongs to destructive testing, consuming and dangerous. And sample preparation process takes longer.While X-ray fluorescence spectrometry technology is relatively mature.It can achieve real-time analysis, nondestructive testing, does not require any consumables.The precision can reach two to four digits after the decimal point.We have former Niton,Olympus engineers ,analysts and other billiant minds who have worked for making it affordable and precsise. X ray fluorescence spectrometry is the advanced precious metals testing technology.




Eds5000 Identify Jewelry Diamond Tester Identify Jewelry

Testable elements:  Ag, Au, Ni, Cu, Zn, Pt ,Pd ,Ir,Cd 
Equipment principles: X fluorescence energy dispersion Test area: 1-2mm spot +<40micron
Accuracy: ±0.1% Voltage: 100-220v
Detector: Proportional counter Power:  144w
Resolution: 145±5eV Operating systerm: Windown 7
Work enviroment: – 11 ~ 46 °C Advantages: excellent cooling system
 Battery support:: no Intelligence: automatic protection
printer: support weight: About 27kg
Built-in computer: yes size: 45*44*43cm



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