Gold Testing Machine for Jewelers Price in Bangladesh

Product Details:

Brand: Maxsell
Model Name/Number: MXGT Karat
Power: 120W
Origin: India
Automation Grade: Semi-Automatic
Frequency: 50Hz
Testing Time: 15 Secs +
Operation: No PC Required,Inbuilt PC with Touch Screen.
Bangladesh Distributor: BDNDT
Delivery Tome:4-5 Week


BDNDT.COM Supply & Import all type of Gold Testing Machine, Gold Engraving and Cutting Machine in Bangladesh.

Advantages Of MXGT Karat For Jewellery Showrooms

  • Builds Reputation and Trust With Your Customer, Instantly.
  • Increases Profitability, As customer stop bargaining.
  • Increase in FootFall of New customers as today more and more customers look for Assurance in Gold quality.
  • Old Gold and Exchange is easier and riskfree.
  • Prove your Quality to customer by Proof and not by Words.
  • Show your Customers That You are Quality and Technology Driven.
  • Helps Your Sales People in Selling More and Closing Sales Quickly
  • Check Quality from Your Suppliers.
  • NO PC Required – Touch Screen Operation
  • World’s Best All – In – One Design XRF Gold Tester
  • Space Saving – Super Compact & Fits Anywhere.
  • Longer Duty Cycle – Triple Stage XRay Cooling Technology.
  • Special Power Supply Control to protect Hardware.



– Compact Neat Design – Just One Cable Its Ready to Work.

– Beautiful appearance with Integrated PC Monitor saves premium space in Jewellery Showrooms

– Easy to Use software means no confusion for users.

– Cross hair guided placement spot makes placing jewelry inside the chamber quick easy.

– No more adjustments of stage or hovering in the test chamber to locate excitation – An important advantage of Bottom up XRay mounting.

Many more features, advantages benefits apart from being Most Competitively Priced.


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