1500W Laser 3-in-1 Cleaning Welding and Cutting Machine

Original price was: ৳ 750,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 720,000.00.

1500w Laser Cleaning Welding Cutting Machine
– Max 1500w laser source
– Top brand Laser cleaning welding gun
– water cooling
– Wire feeder
-10m fiber cable
-220v /50hz /60hz



Ø        Parameter

Model TSH1500
Machine model Hand-held laser welding cleaning cutting machine
Laser source Max
 laser power 1500w
laser wave length 1080 NM
 Fiber cable 10M
 Interface Type  QBH
Welding Focus length 150/120mm
Cooling system Water cooling
Cleaning head weight 0.8kg
Operation system Gold Mark
Light source diameter (mm) Adjustable (0.5-5) mm
working voltage 220 V
Dimensions  133*72*83cm /66*35*50cm
Weight  160kg+27kg


  • Machine Main Parts Display
China top quality laser source 1.Highly integrated system, maintenance-free, and high reliability.

2.   The laser power is continuously adjustable, with high beam quality and high laser stability.

3.   It is an ideal laser source for laser fine cutting,precision welding and other applications

3 in 1 laser welding cleaning cutting




1.Using high-performance laser galvanometer, scanning speed, high precision, the operation is more convenient, to meet the needs of various laser cleaning applications. 2.It can be matched with lasers of various specifications, which greatly improves the scope of application of the system

control system 1.It can support Chinese, English,Spanish German

Russian Japanese language interface.

2.Customize according to customer’s requirements. 3.It can support to adjust power ,frequency,spot mode ,spot size and so on .


Protect glasses Protect glasses are mainly used to protect the eyes. When using the laser to act on the surface of the material, avoid hurting the eyes. Auto Wire feeder


l  Welding wire of 0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6 and other specifications can be used

l  With the function of withdrawing the welding wire

l  The wire feeding speed can be adjusted, which is convenient and fast

With the function of withdrawing the


welding wire

Protective lens


Two protective lenses are given for free. Protective lenses are laser cleaning machine consumables. Its function is to protect the focusing lens.

Warranty and After-Sale Service

1.36 months quality guarantee, the machine with main parts (not including consumables) will be changed for free if there is any problem during the warranty period.

  1. 24 months warranty of laser source
  2. All life free tech support, free on line training
  3. We will provide the Consumable Parts at an agency price when replacement is
Welding Capacity-Handheld Laser Welding System
1500 Laser Welding Capacity


Thickness Single side weld Thickness Double side weld Thickness

Wire weld

Stainless steel 4mm 8mm 3.5mm
Galvanized steel 4mm 8mm 3.5mm
Mild steel 4mm 8mm 3.5mm
Titanium alloy 4mm 8mm 3.5mm
Aluminum 3mm 6mm 2.8mm
Copper 1.5mm 3mm 1.3mm
2000 Laser Welding Capacity
Material Thickness

Single side weld


Double side weld


Wire weld

Stainless steel 5mm 10mm 4.5mm
Galvanized steel 5mm 10mm 4.5mm
Mild steel 5mm 10mm 4.5mm
Titanium alloy 5mm 10mm 4.5mm
Aluminum 4mm 8mm 3.5mm
Copper 2mm 4mm 1.8mm



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