Langry RH225-A Rebound Concrete Test Hammer

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Brand Name: LANGRY
Model Number: RH225-A
Power: Electronic
Product name: Concrete test hammer
Function: Concrete Strength Test
measure: C10-C60MPa
Impact Energy: 2.207 Nm (N)
Compressive strength range: 10-70N/mm2
Place of Origin: China
Net weight: 1 KG
Warranty: 1 Year
Stock: Available

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High quality raw materials

Imported high-quality springs are more fatigue-resistant, aluminum alloy spring seat snap ring assembly.

Improved pointer design, easy to adjust friction and more stable.

Abrasion resistance of super hard 6061 aluminum alloy casing, and the button is not easy to fall off by stretching process.


Precision machining technology

Adopt CNC machining center and other machine tools to refine the movement, and the rebound value is guaranteed.

Finely grind the spherical zero-setting screws to make therebound firing smoother and smoother.

High-precision aluminum alloy flange is not easy to be damaged, and high-precision hook is not easy to be elastically emptydue to abrasion.

User friendly design

Silicone bracket for soft hand protection, more comfortable rebound operation.

Beautiful label and ruler are easy to read, and the hard oxidation treatment of the parts is beautiful and durable.

Multiple original imported dust-proof components, cleaner movement and longer maintenance period.

Technical parameters

Standard impact energy:2.207 J
Pointer length: 20.0 ± 0. 2mm
Friction of pointer: 0.65 ± 0. 15N
Spherical radius of bouncing rod: 25±1.0mm
Elastic tension spring stiffness: 785.0 ± 30. 0N/m
bounce hammer unhook position: Scale line “100” at the score line
Operating length of elastic tension spring: 61.5±0.3mm
Impact length of bounce hammer: 75±0.3mm
Bounce hammer take-off position: Scale “0”

Calibration value on steel anvil: 80 ± 2


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