Polimaster X-ray and Gamma Radiation Personal Dosimeter Price

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X-ray and Gamma Radiation Personal Dosimeter
Brand: Polimaster
Model: РМ1621
Country of Origin: Belarus

Contract for Purchase:
BD Trade International
Mirpur 12, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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• All Price 5% Vat & 2% AIT Excluded.
• All payments will be done by Cash & cheque.
• Pay 50% advance before Purchase.
• Delivery Time: 21-30 Working Days.

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product description:

Polimaster’s PM1621 Personal X-ray and Gamma Radiation Dosimeters are professional energy-compensated instruments. This dosimeters monitor and measure the personal dose equivalent Hp(10) and personal dose equivalent rate Hp(10) from both gamma and X-ray radiation. It ability to compensate for the energy variations in the range from 10 keV upto 20MeV allows this personal dosimeters to make extremely accurate measurements.

The dosimeters’ unique characteristics allow users to monitor personal irradiation levels from photon radiation sources, preventing overexposure. The instrument is highly sensitive and can register even the slightest changes in the natural background radiation.

Recommended for the protection of the professionals who work with or around radioactive materials from accidental and unknown radiation exposure, the PM1621 instruments perform the following functions:

Monitoring and measuring the gamma and X-ray dose and dose rate across a wide energy range up to 1 Sv/h (100 R/h);

Alerting the user via an audible alarm when the preset dose and/or dose rate thresholds are exceeded;

Recording and storing data for up to 1000 events (500 DER + 500 DE) in their non-volatile memory;

Transmitting all recorded data via an infrared channel to a PC for further processing and analysis.

In order to protect the user from overexposure, the dosimeters have two alarm thresholds. If either one of the preset dose or dose rate threshold value is exceeded, the dosimeter immediately alerts the user of the danger via loud, audible alarm. In cases when the radiation intensity exceeds the upper limit of dose rate measurement the LCDs of the dosimeters show the warning sign “OL” followed by the interrupted audible signal.

The instrument’s hermetic and shockproof case and the fluorescent backlight on LCD screen allow for easy operation and precision even in the most harsh and unfavorable environments or weather conditions.


Product Features:

  1. easy to use, two button operation
  2. Infrared data transfer, wide energy response
  3. Two independent of dose and dose rate alarm threshold
  4. sound and light alarm, LCD display with backlight
  5. shock, sealing, small size, light weight  Save User ID and 1000 historical data

Technical Parameters:

  • Detector: GM tube detector
  • equivalent dose rate measurement range: 0.01μSv/h ~ 0.2Sv/h
  • equivalent dose measurement range: 0.01μSv ~ 9.99Sv
  • equivalent dose and dose rate alarm threshold range: The entire range can be set continuously
  • equivalent dose rate accuracy: ±(15% + 0.0015/H + 0.01H)%; H is the equivalent dose rate in units of μSv/h
  • Energy Response: 10keV ~ 20MeV; accuracy for 662keV of Cs-137 is ±30%
  • dose response time when a discontinuous change rate: 5s
  • deviation: <15%
  • equivalent dose accuracy (1μSv ~ 9.99Sv): ±15%
  • The maximum limit of instantaneous dose rate: 1Sv/h
  • Drop test: 0.7m
  • Additional features: alarm clock, timer (1s ~ 23h59m59s), stopwatch (0.1s ~ 23h59m59s), calendar (year, month, day)
  • Power supply: 1 AA battery, battery life 1 year
  • Working environment: -40°C ~ +60°C (liquid crystal display: -20°C ~ +60°C); humidity 98%; pressure 84 – 106.7kPa
  • level of protection: IP67
  • Weight and dimensions: 150g, with battery; 87*72*35mm


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