EECI Area Zone Monitor – Radiation Safety Devices Price in BD

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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit Onwards
Brand Electronic & Engineering Company (I) P. Ltd. (EECI)
Material DZM 100/100R/100RE
Energy Detection Range 50 KeV to 2 MeV
Display Refresh Rate 1 to 5 Seconds
Dimension 200mm x 186mm x 80mm
Weight 1.5 kg

Gamma monitor model DZM100/100R/100RE are microprocessor based instruments designed specifically for remote radiation monitoring. It’s main function is to display radiation levels in the work area to caution radiation workers. It alerts the user with audiable/ visual alarms when preset radiation levels are exceeded. A battery backup provides up to 8 hours of additional use after the primary power is removed, is a very useful safely feature in areas expecting power failures. It is useful for Industrial Radiography, Nuclear Power Plants, Healthcare and Irradiation facilities.

Product Details:

  • Detector: Shock-proof, halogen quenched GM tube. Internal (DZM100) External with 10m connecting cable for remote measurements (DZM100R / DZM100RE)
  • Detected Radiation Type: Gamma(γ), X-Rays
  • Energy Response: ± 30% 200KeV to 2 MeV (Ref Co-60)
  • Minimum Radiation Detection:: 0.1 mR/hr OR 1 μSv/hr
  • Maximum Radiation Detection: 999.9 mR/hr OR 9999 μSv/hr
  • Dose Rate Linearity: ±15% (Ref Co-60)
  • Display: Extra Bright 4 Digit Seven Segment LED Display
  • Display Resolution: 0.01 mR/hr OR 0.1 μSv/hr
  • Measurement Unit: Roentgen/ Sievert (User Selectable)
  • Output Interface: Relay Output NO, NC and COM for Alarm condition
  • Operating Temperature: -10° to 50° C


  • User selected, non-volatile alarm value
  • Visual (red and green lights) and Audio (siren)
  • LED Indicator on External Probe

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