PTS MD20 Digital Densitometer

It is an innovated portable battery densitometer designed for measuring the optical density (blackening) of technical radiographs.
Advantages of the device
very high accuracy thanks to the use of an integrated circuit with the ability to logarithm in four decades with an error of 0.2 %
zeroing at any illumination
one of the smallest densitometers on the market
it is possible to measure a value of up to 4D with sufficient illumination
favourable price


Technical parameters
measuring range: 0 – 4D
resolution: 0,01D
accuracy: ±0,05D (0 – 4D)
screen display: optical density, +/-, BATT
zero setting range: in any light
zero hold time: approx 5 min, (± 0,01D)
zero stabilization time: max. 1s
reading stabilization time: max. 2s
probe aperture diameter: 2mm
power supply – battery 9V typ IEC 6F22 or 6LR61 9V
consumption measuring/off: 11,0mA
operating time (measurement): approx. 45 hrs. (alkaline battery)
control 4 buttons: on/off, zero setting, switch to calibration mode, change value during calibration
automatic shutdown: approx. 45 s when idle after switching on
ambient temperature: 5 – 35 °C
dimensions: 79 x 118 x 25mm
cable length: 70cm
weight: 155g


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