UNI-T UT383BT Digital Mini Light Meter in BD

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  • UNI-T professional digital illuminance meter UT383BT. Effectively measures light intensity and display results in units of Lux or FC. Range: 0~199,900Lux / 0~18,500Fc. High accuracy of ±(4%+8).
  • IOS/Android APP & Free download. Breeze through data recording, export, storage and analysis. Measurement data is transfered through Bluetooth to iENV App.
  • Compact & easy to use. Large 4 digital LCD screen with backlight. 0.5s sampling time. Overload indication. Max/Min. Data hold. Low battery indicator. Auto shutdown for power saving.
  • Effective & Versatile. Widely used in lightening enterprise, agriculture and animal husbandry, mining enterprise, laboratory, office, household, street lights construction, camera & studios, photography, etc.
  • Portable value pack. What you get: 1 x UT383BT mini light meter, 1 x App, 1 x paper manual, 1 x e Manual (free download).


Product Description

Measurement of light. UNI-T UT383BT Lumen Meter with iENV APP.

light meter

  • Photoelectric sensor
  • Smart operational chip
  • Lux/Fc
  • Over load indicator
  • Auto shutdown
  • Data hold
  • LCD backlight
  • Lux / Fc switchable
  • 1-meter drop durability

Structure & Features

par meter

Optical filtering technique on coating

  1. Professional light source calibration.
  2. Smart chip that collects data & processes signals.
  3. Japan TOREX LDO voltage stabilization technology. Lower power consumption.
  4. Photosensitive technology that raises sensitivity and measuring range.
  5. Large LCD screen & clear digits display for reading.


iENV APP download & How-to Use

apogee par meter

uvb meter

light meter photography

Hassle-free App download


  • For IOS: Search iENV on apple app store and download.
  • For Android: On this product page, view “Installation Manual (PDF) ” on the Product guides and documents block. (Package also comes with download guide).
  • Support & Care by UNI-T Direct.

IOS & Android supported


  • on iPhone: IOS 8.4 or higher version (iPhone 5S or above)
  • on Android smartphones: Android 4.3 or higher version
  • Bluetooth requirement: 4.0 or higher version
  • Memory ≥ 1GB

Easy 3-steps guide


  1. Short press on/off to turn on UT383BT. Extended press on/off, Bluetooth icon appears at bottom left and flashing. Start iENV app on phone with Bluetooth on.
  2. Click scan and select the device to connect.
  3. Measurement and record on app.
ppfd meter

Widely used on illumination photometry in supermarket, shopping mall, household, office, hotel, resort, library, hospital, etc.

  • 200-750Lux: Meeting room & reception office
  • 700-1500Lux: Paper work & handwriting
  • 1000-2000Lux: Drafting & typewriting
  • 300-750Lux: Production line & visual inspection
  • 100-200Lux: Public place & lavatory
  • 750-1500Lux: Show window & packaging table
  • 200-750Lux: Classroom & schoolroom
  • 500-1500Lux: Lab & library & study lounge

More applications

  • Lightening enterprise
  • Agriculture and animal husbandry
  • Mining enterprise
  • Laboratory
  • Office
  • Household
  • Street lights construction
  • Camera & studios
  • Light meter photography
  • More

Key specifications / UT383BT Lux Meter

Measurement range (Lux / Fc) 0~199,900Lux / 0~18,500 Fc. (FC=Lux/10.76)
Accuracy 0~9999Lux/0~999Fc: ±(4%+8). ≥10000Lux/≥1000Fc: ±(5%+10). ≥100000Lux/≥9999Fc: ±(5%+10)
Resolution 1Lux (0~9999Lux). 10Lux (≥10,000Lux). 100Lux (≥100,000Lux) / 1Fc (0~9999Fc). 10Fc (≥10,000Fc)
Sampling time 0.5s
Overload indication OL
Data hold
LCD backlight
Auto shutdown
Low battery indicator
Tripod mount
Power AAA 1.5V battery x 3
Color Red & Black
Display 32mm x 26mm


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